Our story

  Our story

Thank you for visiting A Bite Different today, I’m Dipti, a registered dietitian, experienced public speaker, owner of A Bite Different, I regularly appear on BBC Radio Leicester and I have also featured on T.V.  I’m passionate about meeting, training, inspiring and motivating people to eat well and lead healthier lifestyles.

Why I started A Bite Different     

A Bite Different was started in 2016 because following four years of intense study which included many hospital placements in order to gain a Masters in Nutrition and working in Dietetics for many years, I was becoming frustrated with unregualted people claiming to know all about nutrition after completing a short online course and then, claiming to be ‘experts’, or calling themselves nutritionists and giving out poor dietary advice to clients which, actually damages long term health. I also felt that as an expert in diet and nutrition I could combine my passion for flavourful nutritious food and my knowledge to create recipes that are different, interesting and so, delicious that people forget they’re also healthy.

Unlike other food professions did you know that by law you cannot ‘just’ call yourself a dietitian unless you are registered with the HCPC? This protects the public and means that dietitians can only give dietary advice based on researched evidence and not just on what they have read in the media. I want to share my knowledge and expertise by educating, inspiring and motivating busy people to find healthy eating interesting, enjoyable, easy and flavourful. I also want people to reach their target of 5 A Day.

I have lived in Italy, Tunisia, travelled and cooked for people all over the world and this is where my passion for different flavours and love of the Mediterranean diet comes from. My experience in diet, nutrition, health and disease enables me to offer private consultations, menu plans, healthy meals, low calorie snacks or desserts, bespoke event catering and cookery lessons. I create my own unique healthy, low calorie recipes for A Bite Different in order to offer you fresh, sustainable, healthy, fresh low calorie catering suitable for all diets and tastes, I mainly specialise in vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free food. My years of teaching experience and public speaking also enables me to provide interactive, enjoyable, inspiring and motivational healthy cookery courses, talks and demonstrations.

How A Bite Different can help you

A Bite Different Offers;-

  • One to one private dietetic consultations
  • Menu plans with interesting recipes or meals cooked for you as an optional extra
  • Healthy, low calorie meals, snacks and desserts to eat fresh or freeze for one month
  • Bespoke event catering
  • Interactive healthy eating talks and cookery demonstrations for different health conditions.

All of our dishes are cooked fresh, using quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Our main speciality is vegan, gluten free and vegetarian catering. We care about the environment and we only use recyclable or re-usable packaging.