The story

  The story

Hi I’m Dipti (aka Brown Sugar), an experienced jovial dietitian, healty recipe designer, cookery tutor and owner of A Bite Different. I have a passion for creating healthy, bespoke recipes and inventing, deliciously different flavours that work well together. My mission is to help educate, inspire and motivate busy people with different diets or tastes to enjoy cooking and eating sensibly so, that they can achieve their five a day.

Why I started A Bite Different          

I started cooking when I was seven years old, my vegetarian mother taught me how to cook tasty, Indian dishes using fresh ingredients which, were grown in our back yard by my father. Cooking was my favourite subject at school and although my first experience of it was a total disaster (I put the tea bag in the kettle instead of the mug because at home my mother only ever made chai, where you throw all the ingredients into one pan). However, this experience made me more determined to continue cooking and so, I taught myself how to make delicious apple crumble whislt playing truant and I enjoyed experimenting with different ingredients and flavours. I used to love cooking for my family and my friends from different cultures. Nowadays, I enjoy producing, good quality, fresh, nutritious food that’s packed full of interesting flavours only, it’s a lot healthier although, you wouldn’t know it.

I have lived in Italy, Tunisia, travelled and cooked for people all over the world which, is where my passion for different flavours and my love of the Mediterranean diet comes from. My Masters in nutrition and expertise in diet, nutrition, health and disease enables me to create bespoke recipes, design healthy menus for food outlets and offer healthier meals, snacks and desserts for people with different diets or tastes. I have worked for many prestigious educational establishments as a consultant dietitian and as a health and wellbeing tutor.

I’m passionate about meeting, training, inspiring and motivating people to eat well and lead healthier lifestyles. I look forward to meeting you one day.

A Bite Different offers;-

  • Healthier, fresh meals, snacks and desserts, handmade using quality ingredients from sustainable sources
  • Bespoke and more memorable event catering
  • Food based on the Mediterranean diet (one of the healthiest diets in the world) with a very flavourful global twist, to suit all diets and tastes
  • Interactive cookery courses
  • Enjoyable and informative healthy eating talks or demonstrations
  • A Gluten free, vegan food supply service 
  • A healthy menu or bespoke recipe design and training service for independent food businesses