The story

Thank you for visiting today, I’m Dipti, a friendly registered dietitian, experienced wellbeing tutor and owner of A Bite Different. My mission is to make healthy eating, easy, sustainable, interesting and very enjoyable for busy people, who don’t always have time to cook or eat sensibly but care about their health and want to achieve their five a day target.

As an expert in health and nutrition, I’m often consulted about food and diet, my opinions are often aired on BBC Radio Leicester, I have appeared on T.V. and local media. I enjoy educating, motivating and inspiring people about health and nutrition, I have several years teaching experience, I previously taught for the NHS, Leicestershire County Council and abroad.

Why I started A Bite Different     

I started cooking when I was seven years old, my love of great food and good flavours evolved from my worldly travels and cooking for people all over the globe. I used to live in Italy and Tunisia, which is where my passion for the Mediterranean diet comes from (one of the healthiest diets in the world). I adore creating low calorie, nutritious and interesting recipes, suitable for different diets and tastes for everyone to enjoy.

After four years of intense study to gain my Masters in Nutrition and having worked as a freelance registered dietitian, I became very frustrated with the poor nutritional advice being given to the general public, by people claiming to be ‘experts in nutrition,’ following a short online course and for clients with specific diets or health conditions, repeatedly informing me in clinic that, they were struggling to find healthy meals, snacks or desserts available from qualified and trained, food health professionals who understood their needs. Unlike a nutritionist, the term dietitian is a legally protected title and in order to practise as a dietitian, you must be registered with the HCPC however, anyone can call themselves or practise as a nutritionist.

I started A Bite Different in order to combine my expertise in diet, health and nutrition with my passion for creating unique, delicious, low calorie and flavourful recipes to make healthy eating enjoyable and available to people with different diets, health conditions and weight issues. It gives me a real job satisfaction, when clients try my freshly, prepared meals, snacks or desserts and tell me ‘it’s the first time they’ve ever tried a particluar fruit or vegetable or when they cannot believe they are actually enjoying a vegetable they’ve despised since childhood because it means I’m inspiring them to eat a variety of different fruit and vegetables and encouraging them to reach their target of five a day.

My knowledge and expertise means that I enjoy the challenge of creating dishes for specific diets and health conditions. Bespoke, healthy vegetarian, vegan and gluten free canapes, meals, snack and desserts are my main speciality.

A Bite Different offers;-

  •  Dietary consultations
  •  Menu plans
  • Healthy, bespoke catering for events, special occasions, private parties and busy individuals
  • Personalised recipes and tailored meals.

I also provide interactive, inspiring and motivational healthy eating talks and cookery demonstrations to organisations of all sizes.