The story

Guildhall Hall Leicester| you for visiting us today. My name is Dipti, I’m a friendly registered dietitian, experienced wellbeing tutor and owner of A Bite Different. I am passionate about great food, good health and want to make healthy eating interesting, inspiring and enjoyable for busy people, everyday.

As an expert in health and nutrition, I’m often consulted about food and diets, my opinions are aired on BBC Radio Leicester, I have appeared on T.V. and in local media. I enjoy educating, motivating and empowering people with evidence based facts on health and nutrition. My several years of teaching experience working for the NHS, Leicestershire County Council and abroad enables me to do this using a variety of different teaching methods.

Why I started A Bite Different     

Eating out in the UK was a chore because on the whole, I always used to come back home feeling very disappointed. Limited choice, greasy, flavourless food and food outlets making claims that their calorie loaded dishes are healthy are just some reasons why I set up A Bite Different. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household where good, fresh food with fantastic flavours from all over the world was constant, because my mother was and still is a great, home cook.

My mother taught me how to cook when I was seven years old. At Secondary school I became more curious about seasonal British dishes. We had fruit trees in our back garden so, I used to skip school because being creative in the kitchen and experimenting with fruit crumbles and cakes until I perfected them, was much more interesting to me, from here my passion for cooking sweet and savoury dishes was born. Living in Italy and Tunisia ignited my passion for the Mediterranean diet (one of the healthiest diets in the world) this, together with my world travels and cooking for people all over the globe has taken my love of good food and great flavours to another level.

I previously ran a succesful complementary therapy business for 10 years and during this time I set up a new project for the NHS working with terminally ill cancer patients. This project made me realise the importance of following a healthy diet and good health. In order for me to continue helping and teaching people I made a descion to follow my passion for diet and health so, I embarked on a four year course of intense study and training to gain a Masters in Nutrition to become a registered dietitian. However, I found working as a dietitian extremely frustrating because during clinical consultations my patients were being given poor nutritional advice by non health professionals claiming to be ‘experts in nutrition,’ following a short online course which, with restricted time I spent correcting. During my time in clinic people with specific diets or health conditions were repeatedly  informing me that, finding tasty nutritous food which catered for their health condition was extremely difficult. This is because chefs, cooks, waiters and waitresses are not trained to understand the importance of diet and specific health conditions.

The term dietitian is a legally protected title and in order to practise as a dietitian, you must be registered with the HCPC however, anyone can call themselves and practise as a nutritionist.

I adore creating low calorie, nutritious and interesting recipes to make deliciously different savoury snacks, starters, main dishes and desserts for everyone to enjoy. I’m passionate about creating flavourful healthy dishes and I want people to reach their target of five a day. My knowledge and expertise in diet, health and nutrition enables me easiily cater for all diets and tastes. I enjoy making healthy eating, quick, easy and enjoyable for people of all ages. I specialise in healthy vegetarian, vegan and gluten free canapes, meals, snacks and desserts.

A Bite Different offers;-

  •  Dietary consultations
  •  Meal plans
  • Bespoke catering for events, special occasions, private parties and busy individuals
  • An exclusive meal delivery service
  • Interactive, inspiring and motivational talks, cookery demonstrations and short cookery courses