The story

Hello and thank you for visiting us today. I’m Dipti a friendly registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, I’m also an experienced cookery and well being tutor. My passion for cooking started when I was seven years old. I used to watch my mother cook fresh food, using home grown ingredients everyday to feed our family delicious meals, filled with wonderful flavours which, is why I found my school meals bland and boring.

At secondary school my teachers were sadly, very ignorant of other cultures and I got called ‘stupid’ for putting the tea bag in the kettle because I was never taught at home how to make a ‘British’ cup of tea. Inspite of this minor set back cookery lessons were my favourite subject and this experience made me even more determined to teach myself how to cook ‘British’ foods and where I developed an interest in experimenting with different flavour combinations and creating my own recipes. Although, I used to skip school in order to experiement with various flavour combinations for both British and Indian cuisines, I still excelled at this subject.

I’ve always been fascinated in foods from different parts of the world and as a teenager I was fortunate enough to travel to many different parts of the world and learn about different cultures and cuisines. Having experienced delicious, flavourful food from around the world means that I have always found eating meals out in the UK, extremely disappointing due to the lack flavour, plenty of fast food or unhealthy options, limited creativity, few handmade meals and where the menus are all similar whereever you go. I wanted to make a difference. As an adult I lived in Tunisia and Italy and this has helped excel my passion for making creative, healthy food using my own recipes and delicious flavour combinations.

However, after finishing secondary school instead of following my passion for creating amazing food, I decided to take a BA honours degree in combined studies (business, law and economics) because when I was seven years old, I had a doorstep sale and sold all of my brothers toys to buy myself some sweets from the proceeds so even back then, I always knew I wanted run my own business one day. Having gained a BA (Honours) degree I then trained as a complementary therapist and started my own complementary therapy business. During this period my talent for teaching was recognised by one of my tutors who offered me a job teaching complementary therapy diplomas and I was then offered endless teaching jobs throughout various Leicestershire colleges. During this time,I also pioneered a successful project on behalf of the NHS working with volunteers and terminally ill cancer patients. After ten years of running my own complementary therapy business I wanted to develop my interest in healthy diets, nutrition and the importance of good health and so I embarked on a four years Masters degree to train as a Dietitian.

Why I started a Bite Different

Whilst on clinical placements throughout my Masters degree in Diet and Nutrition, having worked as a consultant Dietitian in private settings and as healthy cookery tutor (on behalf of the NHS and Leicestershire Country Council), I became aware of the difficulties people with special diets face either when shopping or eating out. I also learnt why most people in the UK find it difficult to reach the recommended government target of five a day.

Guildhall Hall Leicester| majority of people within the food industry such as food bloggers, food writers, chefs, restaurant owners, street food owners are not trained to cater for specific diets or health conditions because their training lacks knowledge and understanding. Also, nowadys many people complete a short online course in nutrition and with very limited knowledge or experience they then, go on to tell the public that they are a qualified nutritionist. This can cause a lot of damage to your health unless, they are a fully qualified and registered nutritionist see either UK voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) or British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle (BANT). The term dietitian is a legally protected title and in order to practise as a dietitian, you must be registered with the HCPC.

I wanted to follow my passion for inventing my own healthy recipes and making creative, fresh food suitable for people with different diets or health conditions. I also wanted to enable more people to enjoy eating five a day. My Masters in Dietetics and clinical Nutrition from the university of Nottingham, the fact that I am a registered dietitian now means that I can safely cater for people with all sorts of health conditions and create, healthy recipes suitable for all diets and tastes. I now deliver handmade, delicious, nutritious, low calorie food, using healthy cooking methods to both, businesses and private individuals.

A Bite Different offers;-

  • A Bite Different offers deliciously different, dressings, savoury snacks, starters, main dishes and desserts suitable for most diets and tastes.
  • Bespoke catering for events, special occasions, private parties and busy individuals
  • An exclusive meal delivery service
  • One to one and small group, short cookery courses
  • Diet and menu plans
  • We have a food stall at Market Harborough,general Indoor market, every Saturday and at select events throughout the year, see our FACEBOOK page for more information.